Celebrity Comments

"What an incredible learning experience! To separate the mind and body has added much to my life! Thank you!" 
Andre Agassi, US tennis player

"To BODY WORLDS—I am speechless. This was remarkable. Thank you!"
Jennifer Aniston, US actress

"Wow! What an extraordinary experience and such a fun time. I couldn't have imagined a better used day off! Thank you so much for the hospitality and the book! Hope to come back many times with friends! All the best and keep it up." 
Josh Groban
, US classical singer

"So amazing, great work!"
Charlize Theron
, South-African actress

"Thank you for such an important exhibit. What a wonderful way to learn."
Nicole Kidman
, Australian actress

"Thank you for all the wonderful adventures inside. My family and I enjoyed the exhibit"
Gabrielle Reese
, US volleyball player

"Absolutely side-splitting. Eye opening. I never knew there was so much going on inside—like a silent pink factory. Wonderful." 
Gary Oldman, UK actor, stage director & film producer

"It is amazing and enlightening. A fascinating learning experience. I will never take my body for granted again."
Tony Hawk, US Skateboarder

"Total mind blow! Anyone curious about the human body should visit the exhibit. I’d love to be Plastinated—thank you Plastination."
Robby Carmine
, US actor

"Very insightful!"
Eric Dane, US actor 

"Very well done! It made me very hungry."
Danny DeVito, US actor 

"It’s not only fascinating but extremely informative! I need to see it again to absorb it fully. Amazing!"
Rebecca Gayheart, US actor 

"What a great exhibit. Now I know exactly what’s going on when I’m hung over."
Michael McDonald, US actor

"Absolutely remarkable! A gift of exploration that everyone except the faint hearted should see … thank you!"
Demi Moore, US actress 

"Well again—The art of science, of what we are—amazing” 
Nick Nolte
, US actor

"Fabulous and awesome. I have such huge respect for the doctors who are able to understand and care for such complicated specimens with such care. I also will sop eating French fries (maybe)."
Rhea Pearlman, US actor  

Penn: "Proof positive of education—wow."
Teller: "Now, if only I can die of a sufficiently dreadful disease to earn myself a really good pose."
Penn & Teller, US Magician Team

"Nothing short of magnificent, da Vinci would love it."
Luke Perrry, US actor

"The displays were fantastic! The audio tour is definitely worth it. Very informative and interesting."
Nate Richert, US actor  

"What an amazing exhibit! What an extraordinary opportunity to experience what’s actually going on inside of us.” 
Kathleen Wilhoite, US actor

"This is an important exhibit. I hope that you reach us in the USA, safely. We can live more informed lives with this information! Keep going!"
Allison Cornell, First violin of the "Shania Twain Band" 

"Well, now I've seen everything. Finally I'll have a good nights sleep!"
Adrian Brody, US actor

"A quite extraordinary experience, slightly unnerving, but I do feel an enormous respect now for our bodies and the way they function. Thank you!" 
Lesley Joseph, UK actress

"Thank you Gunther for this extraordinary exhibition & hope it's many many years before either of us wind up there."
Dustin Hoffman, US actor

"An absolutely fascinating experience! Only this morning I was discussing with my partner how unique we are as human beings and this has proved it too me. Why fight wars? What is the point of racism? We are all the same! Thanks!" 
David Harewood, UK actor

"Thank you for an extraordinary and unforgettable look in the human mirror!"
Michael York
, UK actor

"Thank you very much for bringing this exposition to Cologne and for inspiring us about human life inside and outside!! Also very, very special thanks to the people who worked so hard in making it possible. My God! How complicated we are!" 
Kelly Family, German band

"Fabulous Exhibition! Reality is much more than fiction. But here it's dramatiurgie and theatralisation and re-creation of reality. Marvellous, unique - definitively to see many times. So inspiring!"
Jean-Paul Gaultier
, French fashion designer

"Well, not much can be said—Awe-Inspiring".
Nick Nolte, US actor

"I am so pleased to see this great exhibit. I feel that the educational value of your work is a new high mark in our history. Please accept my congratulations. I could not be more pleased to see that you have included our great friend "The Horse" in your exhibit. To bring the Horse and Human together in this way is a tribute to our relationship with this wonderful animal. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!"
Monty Roberts
, US author

"Thank you! I am very grateful to time been invited to this exhibition. It was the most gorgeous meeting of the scientific and the poetic. How humbly the maker bowed to science made the greatness of this so much larger. *Gratitude* for the nourishment and the generosity."
Björk, Icelandic singer

"Thank you for such an examination of the human body. I look forward to see it again. Thank you very much for your time and such wonderful moments."
Tina Turner, US singer 

"I am deeply impressed, I've learned a lot and hope that many more people will come to visit the exhibition. Congratulations on the intelligent arrangement and the aesthetic surroundings. Thank you most sincerely for your comprehensive and kind tour and explanations!" 
Mario Adorf
, German actor

"I am now able to understand my body in a much better way! Congratulations on such a sensational exhibition and a very enlightening tour. I hope that this exhibition will gain more acceptance." 
Steffi Graf
, German tennis player