Visitor Comments

"I saw this 10 years ago and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing, incredible, inspiring,  well you get the idea!! I left there felling more amazed at my  Creator than ever before! !!!!! No one can appreciate how intricate the human body is until you see it displayed like this! !  This will open your eyes to how fearfully and wonderfully made we are! !!!! Everyone should experience this! !!!!! Some say that it seems unfit to see, but I cannot disagree more!!"
– Renee

"Thanks to this exhibit, I now know just how amazing the human body is!"
– Katie

"Of course, it's amazing! The healthy, the normal, the abnormal and diseased, a real insight into our body & our minds. Hopefully a few smokers will quit! Some may lose weight. We should all respect our marvelous bodies."
– Grace

"What an amazing display. If we all knew more about our bodies, inside and out, as these displays show, there is no reason for not taking better care of ourselves. Thanks for the education."
– Linda

"One day I am going to be a doctor and save the World."
– Estefanie

"You are a genius. Thank you for your amazing and absolutely priceless gifts to art, science, and humanity."
– Jonathan

"Death brought back to life in an immortal and beautiful way. Thank you for the different perspective on Life."– Bree

"Every once in a while I experience something spectacular, something that makes me realize the complexities of the human mind and what we are capable of. Today was one of those moments. Extraordinary!"
– LeLe

“Thank You to everyone who gave their bodies in order to share the beautiful creation of life. May we never forget how precious it is.”
– Kyle

“This was truly amazing. To be up close and personal with the human body like that is exciting!”
– Sherleen

“Excellent exhibit. Truly a great way to open eyes to health and realization of our transitory selves.”

“WOW! The exhibit of "Bodyworlds and the Brain" that I just toured in Phoenix FAR surpasses any anatomy lesson that I have ever had, INCLUDING my active participation in an actual autopsy. I have just completed nursing school and cannot begin to put my feelings into words... IT TOOK ME 6 HOURS to get through the exhibit, and security finally had to run me off so they could close the museum! I am going back before the exhibit leaves. One thing that I would have LOVED... Our school arranged for a group tour. If only there had been Doctors or Forensic Pathologists there to address us in small groups... I am sold! WHY pay for a funeral when my body can be preserved and teach my peers everything they ever wanted to know about anatomy!”
– Nathaniel

“Amazing! Loved the various athletic poses and multitude of views, as well as the insightful quotations and data accompanying the exhibit.”

“Amazing opportunity for people to understand the human form and all its mysteries!”
– L. H.

“Not merely a lesson in physiology and anatomy – ARTWORK! Beautiful.”
– EZ

“You can only learn so much in class before you yearn to see it in real life. Thanks for making it happen.“
– Jessica

“This exhibit is beautiful, inspiring and humbling at once. I feel very grateful to these people who gave themselves to the cause of knowledge. Thank you.“

“Extremely interesting. Artistic, educational & beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to see the human body & all its beauty.“
– Megan

“Makes me think of what amazing creations we are! How strong, how adaptive and how fragile – All at once.“