Pushing the Envelope

"Gunther von Hagens is an envelope-pusher—an intellectual adventurer of the type humankind occasionally needs.

Any society, however, would fall apart if all of its citizens were such types: it simply would die of their extreme personalities. At the same time, a society without any envelope-pushers is just as impossible—if it were made up only of average people it would go under as well: Wherever, at the risk of failure, the new is not attempted, development no longer happens, only stagnation and then decay. Progress is possible only if the traditional, if rules, dogmas, and bureaucracy, if everything that is common, settled, and set in stone, as important as these things usually are, occasionally are challenged. This sometimes requires breaking hitherto unquestioned taboos.

The breaking of taboos sometimes is the price demanded by creativity."

Professor Franz Josef Wetz,
German Philosopher

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