General Medical & Health Education

The BODY WORLDS Exhibitions

In the field of medical education, the IfP is heavily involved in coordinating and constantly refining the traveling BODY WORLDS exhibitions. Because of the high demand, nine exhibitions have been created so far that can be shown in different cities at the same time. The IfP's medium-term plans include creating additional exhibitions and establishing a "Museum about the Body."

BODY WORLDS focuses on approx. 200 authentic specimens of human anatomy—individual organs, transparent vertical and horizontal slices of the body, and about 20 artistically posed, whole-body plastinates. The exhibitions are structured in such a way that visitors can experience it much as they would a three dimensional textbook: anatomy as the foundation of the body is laid out in an educational and elucidating fashion. Visitors can envision how their own bodies are constructed as they walk through the exhibitions, starting with the human skeleton and the way muscles are structured, on to the intestines and special specimens on the nerves and blood vessels, all the way to the way a baby develops in the uterus. There are also specimens that show the effects of disease such as a heart attack or cancer.

The BODY WORLDS exhibitions are intended to help educate people and provide the opportunity for lay people in particular to gain a greater understanding of the body and its functions. It is intended to help remind visitors of how natural our bodies are and create an impression of the unique character and anatomical beauty of the body's interior. BODY WORLDS has been on constant display since 1995 and has been shown in cities across America, Africa, Asia and Europe. To date the exhibits have attracted 40 million visitors, making it the most successful traveling exhibitions of all time.